Sunday, March 29, 2009

3/29/09 Three weeks down four to go!!

This has been a pretty nice weekend, all things considered. On Friday my good friend John Ohara took me to Clifton Springs and after treatment I set up the hammered dulcimer and played for the folks in the chemo lab and the radiation lab. It was really wonderful, and felt like a miracle to be able to play for folks right now. When we got home I was completely exhausted and pretty much collapsed into bed, but it was worth every minute! On Saturday afternoon we went to the labyrinth walk that was held in our honor at the McCrobie building in Oswego. It was a wonderful event and was so deeply moving. The room was filled with so much love and support from this wonderful community of friends. I felt as if I was wrapped in a protective blanket of all these concerned friends who will help me see to it that the cancer will be gone after I do my part with these treatments. It was a wonderfully moving afternoon and a big thank you to Judith Ann for setting the whole thing up and to those who came out to walk the labyrinth and show their support. Also a big thank you to those of you who walked a labyrinth at another location and those of you who did the “finger walk” labrynith. I have put up a file with about 20 jpgs from the afternoon. Here is the url; just open the file and you’ll see thumbnails that can enlarged.

Tomorrow will be a long day, chemotherapy in the morning and radiation in the afternoon. The effects of the treatments are starting being felt quite extensively.
My throat is really sore and eating becomes more difficult everyday. We will start to use the feeding tube today or tomorrow. My voice is really weak and I think that I’ll be doing a lot of texting over the next few weeks. My beard is coming out in clumps and most likely will disappear before too long. This is all caused by how close the radiation machine needs to be to my face. So for all of you who have ever wondered what my chin actually looks like you might just get your chance to find out! I still am dealing with some nausea and I’m sure that it will be an issue again as we start round two of chemo. Hopefully we can get a leg up on it early in game this time around.

Once again I am constantly finding myself humbled and blessed by this wonderful community. Your thoughts, notes, and generosity have overwhelmed Peggy and I and we are so grateful for all that you are doing. As we continue these next four weeks of treatments I am well aware how difficult things will become. I will do my best to keep you all up to date, and I’ll look for all your wonderful vibes as we move on through all of this. Spring is almost here, the trilliums will be out in a month and we hopefully will have these treatments done by the end of April. Thanks so much again and I’ll look for you at 7:00! By the way, to date “For the Love of Friends” has been downloaded 990 times!


  1. Hey Dan - I would just recommend that you get IV hydration after chemo tomorrow... that always helped me manage the nausea... and I would say that you could request it for a few days, since you have to be there anyway for radiation. The more hydrated we are the better, in terms of managing chemo side effects.

    I also wanted to tell you that we had a luminary in your honor at the Relay for Life Last night, and we will be sending you a jpg of it either tonight or tomorrow, definitely soon. So, we did not do a labyrinth walk, but during the luminary ceremony we thought about you and all the other folks we know who have been dealing with cancer as we walked around the Dome with the other thousand people who were there.

    I look forward to seeing your chin.

    Love, Maria

  2. Hi Dan;

    Yesterday was special for me as I was able to respond to a request to play the HD at our UU church service and dedicate the performance to you. Folks remembered that you and Peg had visited there back in January. They all wish you well.

    I had the opportunity to play "Trillium Lane" and "Coming Home", two of my most favorite Dan tunes, and to keep you in the forefront of my thoughts while I did it. I can only hope that you may have felt some little energy surge coming your way from our combined spirits.

    Thank you again for your inspirational strength. We're with you every step of the way. Your guitar and I can't wait to get back to NY to catch up with in person.

    Our love
    Jack & Joan Osborne

  3. Hi Dan and Peggy,

    Thanks for the great photos of the labyrinth walk. I took your pink CD, Seasons of Change, and played some of it for my Bible study group. They loved listening. (I played my HD for them once, so they knew what a HD is.) We prayed for your during our closing prayer. I write your name in the Book of Prayer Intentions every week at my church. The book is taken up to the altar during each mass. There are people who pray for those intentions during the week.

    I was thinking that I never see any nuns at my church - unless there are "Nuns in Disguise". One never knows!

    Keep up the good work of being you.

    Cindy M. in PA

  4. Dan and Peg,
    Just wanted you to know that we're thinking of you up here in the Adirondacks, and hoping that the next (last) 4 weeks go well. ABP.
    Jamie and Claire

  5. Dan and Peg,
    What a wonderful event.Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your keeping friends updated on this challenge. How wonderful you got to play at the clinic. I'm sure it lifted everyone, including you. My friend Nina, was treated for the same cancer last summer and is doing very well. Her voice was very much affected but has gotten stronger. Her grin is worth a trillion buck, as is yours (adjusted for inflation). Resting her voice was difficult, but if you were able to conquer lying still you ought to be able to handle it. Your strength has been amazing and I'm glad you know that if you need to lean a bit,there are lots and lots of shoulders at the ready. Much love to you both. I'll be in touch with Peg to arrange for this year's Heritage concert. I visualize you playing,tapping your feet and shaking it. Ever at seven, Debby and the Dawgs

  6. One more treatment day down! And now you have precious hours to rest, visualize, take in nourishment from the love and beauty all around you as well as the food your body will accept. May you use this time for healing and gathering strength. Bet it was wonderful to play for the clinic folk and to feel their response to you as a musician and not only a patient. Sending you and Peggy love,

  7. Dan and Peg,
    I so wanted to be at the labyrinth walk and see you, but I've gotten a miserable virus from the kids at school and felt that it would be in no one's best interest if I shared my germs. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day.
    -Jen Lyons

  8. Dan and Peg, Healing thoughts going your way. Thank you for taking the time to let us know what is going on. How cool to play your music for your new friends at Clifton Springs. How lucky you are to be so close to that wonderful program - hope you get a chance to try the baths!

    Surely the gift of your music today will resonate back to you, in many refrains, the healing circle home again to you. Much love - Susan

  9. Dan & Peg:

    The Labyrinth Walk was a wonderful thing--love is the greatest power.

  10. Sorry, that last one was mine.

    Terry Manion

  11. just think you are half way to the finish - soon things will return to normal and you will be well on the road to recovery - am pulling for you and praying for you each night at 7 - can't imagine you without the beard however - much love Heather

  12. Dan and Peggy - This morning I read this from a sermon in February and thought of you. "While folks today tend to focus on our bodies to determine our health, our faith tradition has always taught that health and well being are about more than that." ... "True healing is found not just in a healthy body but also in right ties to family, friends and neighbors." Know that you have shalom which Joann describes as a "state of well being". You have the ability to connect with so many folks and share such joy! Thank you!!!

    Lisa and Klaus

  13. Dan,

    I hope yesterday was bearable... we are thinking about you and wishing you peaceful sleep, limited nausea and pain, and beautiful weather to soothe your soul.


  14. Hi Dan & Peg:
    Just want you both to know that Kitty and I are organizing a "We Love Our Danny Boy" Spaghetti Supper at the Methodist Church in Red Creek Friday, April 24th! Kitty is coming over at 7 pm tonight so we can paint posters and figure out exactly HOW to have a spaghetti supper! We are hoping people will crawl out of the woodwork to be a part of this venture. From your blog I know that you may not be able to be with us...but we will have your music playing and you will be in our hearts. I know I told you about this before...but wanted you to know that we have a firm date! We are clueless in terms of what we are doing BUT...fearless in our attempt!!! I love you pal! Hang in there... Love, Mary, Rick, DAn and Ethan

  15. Hi Dan, Peggy,

    I am still transported a bit emotionally from the labyrinth; my thoughts return to seeing you both surrounded by so many caring folks, feeling the shimmer of love move through the room.What a timeless thing. Thank you for sharing your experience with us Dan.Keeping us posted on how you are doing provides a sense of something to do to help even if it is just to stay updated and send an embrace your way. May the brightening light of Spring course through your veins and bring strength!

    (Essential oils may help with the nausea.Try a few out and see if any of them ease the sensation!)

  16. Hi Dan,
    It was so good to see you on Tuesday. You indeed live in a "music house!" I am so inspired by your optimism and strength it is your best weapon!
    Our thoughts are with you and Peggy and I'll be in tough soon

  17. Thinking of you often...

    Love, Dove, Dan, Sage and Piper

  18. Keeping you in thought and prayer. 4 weeks down and 3 to go!

    Love and Hugs,
    Donna and John

  19. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers - endlessly, continuously! I tried to think how to fit the labyrinth in my day but it was too far to go that day, so I wore a Celtic circle for the day to remind myself to walk mentally with you in the labyrinth.

    I just read a quote by Rilke, my favorite poet, on the future coming into us and transforming itself in us - so I'm visualizing a far distant future of you having been part of all our lives for many many decades - healthy and happy with Peggy by your side - still blessing people with your music and humor. This future is already in you and will indeed transform itself in you.