Saturday, March 21, 2009

3/21/09 Labirynth Walk

Here's a press release for a Labirynth Walk to be held in Oswego next weekend. If your in the area I would love to see you !

The Oswego Music Hall is having a healing “Labyrinth” walk for long-time Music Hall contributor and musician Dan Duggan on Saturday, March 28, from 3 – 7 PM, in the McCrobie Civic Center, 41 Lake Street, Oswego. Created and provided by Judith Ann Benedict, this cloth labyrinth is an exact replica of the classical 11-circuit labyrinth that was embedded in the stone floor of the Chartres Cathedral in France around 1220. Walking the labyrinth has become an powerful form of spiritual and emotional growth and healing. Many use the practice for self-healing, but Ms. Benedict had an idea to set up the labyrinth as a way for Dan’s friends and supporters to focus their intentions on his recovery from head and neck cancer, and his continuing health.
Supporters can drop in to participate in the walk any time between 3 and 7 PM. Due to the nature of the cloth labyrinth, it is requested that participants bring an extra pair of clean socks to walk in. Donations will also be accepted at this event to help Dan cover medical expenses. To help with set up, donate flowers, or more information contact Judith Ann Benedict at 315-947-5097.

This is going to be a wonderful event and I am so thankful to Judith Ann for setting this up. Once again if you are in the Central New York area I would love to see you. Think Spring!!


  1. I've done the one in Chartes.....this is a FANTASTIC idea. Look forward to seeing you!

    - Eric

  2. Dan,

    I wish we could be there, but it's the same day as Relay for Life at SU, for which I have formed a team and will be participating in all night. I hope plenty of people attend the labyrinth, and that the proceeds ease some of the financial stress of treatment.

    You are both always in my thoughts.

  3. What a great idea! I wish for a beautiful day, and lots of friends by your side! Not sure yet if we can make it, but we will be there in spirit at least!

    Donna and John

  4. Dan:

    I look forward to seeing you there.

    Terry Manion