Thursday, May 2, 2013

Doctors Chime In

We got to see both of the Doctors at the beginning of the week, and both were were very pleased with what they are seeing . Dr. Vega { The plastic Surgeon }, changed the kind of dressing we have on my leg to  a tighter dressing and a tightly wound ACE . But the biggest change for my leg is we are no longer using the boot and that is a pleasant change. I can use an older sneaker with no laces and an older slipper. When I am not on my leg they want me to keep the leg elevated, so we are doing that as much as possible. The leg is still  quite sore but I am walking slowly with a cane and do look forward to the leg improving !! The Plastic surgeons are very pleased with the the way the bones and tissue flap are continuing to improve !

The PA for Dr. Coniglio was also really pleased with the progress with the flap and the bone graphs ! She told me that it will most likely be several months before the swelling in my face goes down , so what you see is what you get. She also thought that I was doing really great and feels like the outcome will be really great !! She also feels that the recovery might take a bit longer than the doctors had stated but not to worry, its all worth the wait !! Right now I am still on a liquid diet and trying to take in as many calories as possible. I have lost weight but there will be plenty of time to put that back on !!

Still playing gigs by ear, right now I just don't have the energy to travel and perform , so Peggy will have to hold forth on Sunday a the Rogers environmental Center. But I will continue to keep everyone posted on our progress, and evaluate performances as the recovery progresses. Right now my voice is still a little weak but that will change when the trach finally heals which should be in a few weeks. I am so thank full for all of your kind thoughts and concerns and so thank full for Peggy , she has been absolutely wonderful !! But the best thing is to be home and be able to spend a little time outside in this great spring weather, it sure does help the overall attitude and healing !! I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you before too long !!!