Saturday, March 7, 2009

3/08/09 A Small Token Of My Thanks

As I have been getting closer to treatment time I find myself reflecting on so many things. I also have been going over all the comments, emails and cards sent by so many of you and words cannot describe how grateful I am to all of you. This wonderful community has meant so much to Peggy and I and has certainly lifted us up when we have needed it ! While thinking of all this last week I wrote a little Air, Waltz in honor of this wonderful community of friends. I aptly named it "For The Love Of Friends" and quickly recorded it with piano and guitar. I have posted a link below that will take you to the tune at You can play it right there or you also can download it to your computer and in turn to your ipod or mp3 player. It is not very polished but is my small gift to all of you. Peggy put it perfectly in her song "Giving Thanks"
" In this season of joy and thanksgiving
when I look at the life I am living
I count up the blessins of old friends and new
And I am grateful for you
I give thanks for you"

As I start chemotherapy and radiation tomorrow, I will hold on to the thoughts from so many of you and look forward to hearing from you as the weeks progress. Keeps the vibes coming and I'll look for all of you at 7:00!
For the love of friends mp3


  1. Dan, By way of inspiration there's a fellow by the name of Lance Mackey you might enjoy putting on your radar. He had head and neck CA with throat/neck surgery and if I recall correctly, 12 weeks of radiation following. That was 8 years ago and he's now indisputably one of the toughest humans riding the planet as demonstrated by back-to-back wins of the Yukon Quest and Iditarod sled dog races (that's about a total of 2200 miles on the back of a dogsled over approx three weeks) in 2007 and 2008. No one's ever come close to achieving that before in the world of long distance sled dog racing. tough and punishing, featuring extreme's of bone-cracking cold and sleep deprivation. The '09 iditarod started yesterday and all eye's are on Lance. ( and Right now, it's 1,000 miles to saturday night for the 67 men and women that left for Nome yesterday... sending our ongoing thoughts and energy your way, bill and marion

  2. Oh my God, your song is so beautiful. You have such a gift. Thank you. I look forward to hearing you play it in concert some day soon.

  3. Great tune.

    Not very polished?!?!?

  4. I went to my first UU service today with my son and his fiancee in Garden City, Long Island to meet the minister who will be marrying them next year. Her name is Hope.

    During the joys and sorrows I shared your story with the congregation and lit a candle of hope for you there. It is the first of many I will light.

    Hope is burning bright for you everywhere, my friend.

    See you at 7:00.

  5. Awwwwww schucks, you shouldn't have. That's a beautiful tune Dan. What a gift.....thank you.

    Peggy's lines are perfect and I sent them right back to you both. We are so very grateful for having you both in our lives.

    We'll be sending out extra vibes.

    Love, Cheryl and Dann

  6. Simply Beautiful !
    Andy and Linda

  7. Dove, Dan, Sage and PiperMarch 8, 2009 at 4:54 PM

    thinking of you guys!!!

    Love, Dove, Dan, Sage and Piper

  8. I finally escaped the toddler room at the First UU Society in Albany today so I could make it to the service. I shared your journey during joys and concerns, inviting the congregation to join the awesome 7:00 vibe. So, the Albany UUs are with you!

    I think there comes a moment, at the beginning of medical treatment, when we surrender to the procedure that we can not control. I hope that in that moment you visualize all the smiling faces and lean into us, knowing that you are not alone, knowing that we are all holding you.
    Love - Deborah and Delaney

  9. Just to let you know that thoughts remain with you and Peggy -
    The new song is beautiful -

  10. What a wonderful song and such a wonderful gift. We're visualizing a positive outcome for you as well. Looking forward to being with you in Trillium Lane in May. Best wishes,
    Eric & Joan

  11. Hey Dan and Peggy,
    Wow! The tune is so full of beauty and hope! Thanks! Will be thinking and praying a lot tomorrow as you begin your treatments. Sending those positive vibes throughout the day as well as at 7:00!! Wishing you the best, you two are THE BEST!!

    Love, Claudia

  12. May you live in peace protected by the healing energy of the universe. May the love of friends surround you and Peggy as you start on this next healing phase of your journey.

    I'll play your music of hope and gratitude throughout the coming days and send energy back to you through it.


  13. Dan - A most beautiful tune. Fell in love with it. Harvey

  14. You go, Tiger!!
    Elise & Woody

  15. I just wanted you to know that I lit a candle for you and Peggy a week ago during the sharing of joys and sorrows at the Clearwater, Florida UU church. Your music is a wonderful gift. Thanks you. Every time I listen to it Its beauty fills me with feelings of love and peace, which I visualize flowing back to you.

  16. Danny Boy...
    You are in our thoughts everyday...but especially today. You were such a source of love for me after David died...always calling when I needed a soft place to land. I have so much love in my heart for you...sending all of it your way today. Yesterday I was laughing talking to someone about how when Daniel was little he used to always meet you at the door and say, "Bye! Bye! Thanks for coming!" and you would just throw your head back and laugh... Anyway...just loving you and loving the fact that Peggy is in your life. All our love to you both! Love, Mary, Rick, Dan & Ethan

  17. Dan,

    Your song brought tears to my eyes, and this is from the girl who doesn't have any tears. (Really.)

    You're taking a journey for all of us. We hope to learn a great deal from your experience, and, of course, your music.

    Take each step with the spirit you have gifted each of us.

    And then stand before us one day in concert and share the journey.

    For an encore, you can do the Dulcimer Dance.

    With springtime (renewal) blessings,


  18. Simply beautiful Dan. You never cease to amaze me. Thank you. Thinking of you, especially today.

    Donna and John

  19. Dan, You always write & play such beautiful music, and "For the Love of Friends" is right up there with the "Best" of the "Best." We will be vibing with you tonight at 7:00. There will be so much "vibing" it will probably shake your house in Red Creek. Our love to you & Peggy,
    Marlene & Hugh

  20. Dan,
    All of your music is a gift, and this is a special gift. Your words and music are always with me, filling me with joy, peace & laughter.
    I am visualizing being in the Adirondacks, hearing Peggy sing and watching you dance around your dulcimer. It's a thought that brings joy to my heart! Can't wait 'till August!
    Always remember....You've Got A Friend in Pennsylvania! :)

  21. Great music from the heart. I think of you and
    Peggy in every waking moment with HOPE during this difficult time. Feel the special VIBES coming your way.

  22. Dan, I hope today was bearable.

    You and Peggy are in our thoughts.


  23. Hi Dan,
    A lovely song...Thanks for sending it to all of us who are thinking of you each day. I've been trying to play The Song of Hope at 7 if I'm near my dulcimer...if not, I just channel good energy to you.
    Kate LaMoreaux

  24. The song is amazing and very moving - not only did i listen but i downloaded it so i always have it - I love Your creations and am pulling for You as always - You are an amazing friend and one I admire for Your strength and your crativity - love Heather

  25. Dan, Absolutely wonderful. The melody brought tears through its pure beauty and elegance. I can close my eyes and see you playing. That gets stored right along side the vision of you happily peddling a paddleboat in Fort Worth! All the best to you both, Love, Janet

  26. The cat misses you and wants to see you again in April if you'd like to.
    The tune is so beautiful-another inspiration learn it without the paper. Thanks for the gift(s).
    Close your eyes and vision sun, palm trees and warm air by the pool.
    We love you both and are with you every day.
    Jack & Joan

  27. Dan and Peggy,
    The new song was beautiful. I cried as I listened. You are such a gift to all of us. Many blessings as you go through this treatment. We look forward to seeing you soon- well.
    Jennifer and John Lyons and kids

  28. Dan and Peggy -
    Your song is as beautiful as you are.

    Your best image is within yourselves and your love and the love of all around you. Take it with you and hold it for healing and the joy of you both!
    Wanda and Ron

  29. A right fine tune. Of course. We played it at 7p - a great way to send vibes.
    - Ron

  30. Dan,
    I've been carrying a piece of you in my heart every day....and there is great joy in the's to climbing up out of a blustery late winter, into the sunshine of spring and healing...we're with you!
    The music is its own medicine...thank you.
    You are a wonder, and we are in your light.

  31. Dan,

    What a beautiful tune! As I listened to it, I closed my eyes and saw you well and whole,... playing like the madman we all know you are!!!!!!!

    ; >)

    Chris, Bridget, Tink, and Silas too!

  32. You are gonna be just fine Danny, keep thinking positive and everything will be ok.. I promise... I am still keeping you in My thoughts..*S*

  33. Dan, Another beautiful piece of music that touched me deeply - thank you for the heartfelt gift! You're an inspiration to all, and I hope that in the days and weeks ahead that you'll constantly feel the love, support and strength we're sending you. Big hugs to you and Peggy!

    Elaine and Mike

  34. Dan, you may not remember's sara baker (michalak, now) and i have all of the wonderful memories of you that everyone has who knew you "way back," right through to the present moment...i was a fixture in das puppenspiel's shop in westfield... anyway, pam moran has told me what is going on with your health (and what a saint peggy is!). please count me among the throngs of those who love you, and as a member of the wonderful 7 oclock vibe ...


  35. linda the bead keeperMarch 30, 2009 at 9:16 PM

    dear dan,
    what an incredibly beautiful peaceful and loving...thank you...we are thinking of you often and sending thought and prayers your way...
    janet yates sent me the link for your blog tonight and i'm glad she did...with love, linda and david

  36. Dear Dan,
    I have not met you in person but your music speaks volumes. Each and every time I attempt to play Tillium Lane, I say a silent prayer that you are doing well. Many prayers and thoughts come your way. What a beautiful song "for the love of friends" is. Would love to hear you play it on the HD.
    Wishing you the best. Pam