Sunday, June 30, 2013

Slow and Steady Progress

Things have been progressing nicely. The progress is slow but I'll take it . The lower part of my leg incision has been slow to heal so the head nurse at the plastic surgeons office has me trying  a honey based bandage called medi-honey. It uses active leptosperum honey from New Zealand and is supposed to be very healing. It seems to be working pretty well, and on hot days the bees seem to enjoy it too !!  I also have been seeing a physical therapist for walking and that has made a big difference. I am walking better, still not great distances but a little farther everyday ! The swelling on my face has gone down quite a bit and now it seems that the only real swelling is from the flap itself . Eating is still a bit of a challenge but I continue to be able to eat softer foods on the left side of my mouth. And yes our new motto is " have blender will travel". The doctors feel that I really will need 8 months to a year for everything to get back to where it needs to get.

I have been performing, and will be traveling quite a bit this summer doing concerts and workshops. There are a few adjustments but overall everything is going quite well. Singing is still a bit of a challenge because of the swelling in my tongue but I am finding ways of making it happen. I am also really pleased that my energy is starting to come back and that makes a big difference. So overall as the saying goes "slow and steady wins the race". I am so thankful to be able to out working and playing music this summer. I thank you for your kind thoughts and encouragement and I will continue to post more as thing improve. Hope to see some of you at performances this summer and keep those good healing vibes coming !