Wednesday, February 4, 2009

SU beats WV! and Dan's awake!

First thing Dan did upon waking was give a right-hand thumbs up! So there was no nerve damage. He's in intensive care where the drain tube is being closely monitored. It's a good thing. It was clogged and there was some swelling on the side of his neck. But it was quickly caught by Sally, an ICU nurse, who alerted the surgeon before he left the hospital. They had to take Dan back into surgery and reinstall the drain. Dr. Simmons said its the first time in 25 years of operating that it has happened. So now Dan's back in the room and asked me to get online and find out how Syracuse is playing tonight. Who knew ice chips could be such a hit? We won't hear biopsy news for about a week, but the surgery was successful and Dan's healing even as we speak. He whispered to me to tell you all "Thanks." I ditto that.


  1. That's some great news! Woohoo! Kudos to Sally the nurse.
    ~Cheryl and Dann

  2. First time huh - I always said Dan is unique! Sleep well both of you.

  3. Great news. Dan make sure you listen to nurse Sally, and thank her for her alertness for me.
    Praying you feel better each day!

    love ya both

  4. Mary, Rick, Dan and EthanFebruary 4, 2009 at 7:52 PM

    Thinking of both of you tonight...glad I had the chance to talk with Dan last night. Long day for all of you I am sure! Wanted to post the quote Dan and I talked about last night on the phone...I read it has helped me cope with E's diabetes and D's autism...
    We are lifting you up in prayer and just want you to know I thought of you all day long today. Give Danny Boy a big kiss from all of us!!
    "We cannot tell what may happen to us in the strange medley of life. But we can decide what happens in us---how we take it and what we do with it---that is what really counts---how to take the raw stuff of life and make it a thing of worth and beauty. That is the test of living."

  5. Glad to hear you came through alright Dan! We'll be thinking of you.

    Ron and Heather Gill

  6. so happy to hear that everything went ok!! I'm sure those doctors/nurses are taking good care of you dan! we're all thinking about you!

    love you guys!
    Val and Mark :)

  7. Hi Dan and Peggy,
    We are so glad to know that you are in such good hands...His, each others, all the doctors and nurses who are caring for you with such vigilance and diligence. You are all in our prayers as we wish you WELL!

    sending happy thoughts,
    Jim and Kim Briggs
    (from very snowy western NY!)

  8. I'm so relieved everything went well and hope you have a speedy and complete recovery. If one of the Noon vibes had an Italian flavor, it was from me and 14 of my friends having lunch at an Olive Garden restaurant.

  9. Huzzahs all around - to Dan and Peg and Nurse Sally! I'm off to Washington for two days, appropriately to a Complementary and Alternative Medicine board meeting. I'll pick up some good healing tips! The prayers have been jamming quantum space and will continue to do so. Give Dan a hug - when it is allowed - and write a song for recovery and good healing!
    Love, Wanda and Ron

  10. YEA!!! to everything...especially Dan's right-hand Thumbs-up!!! So glad to hear he's in such alert,competant hands!
    You're welcome, Dan. You're welcome, Peggy.
    Now, rest and recover...[I stil have a hard time imagining you remaining still for more than a few minutes at a time, Dan:)]
    All of us out here are and will continue to be "Vibing" regularly...
    Love and strength and patience and hope and Healing...

  11. Such lovely news!

    Dan and Nancy

  12. What excellent news!
    Vibe on Dan.
    Last night when I finished my nightly Vibe time I mindlessly went to the TV and started surfing.
    The first thing I came to was Peggy Lynn on the public station in a special on Adirondack Storytelling.
    Even WMHT has entered the zone.
    Stay still (Ha) and heal. Here's to the hope you are discharged soon.
    Sue C.

  13. Dan,
    We're praying for you and can't wait to see and hear you soon. I find that listening to your music is focusing when I think of you.
    All our love,
    Jen Lyons + the Lyons family

  14. Great news! I will continue to send reiki

  15. Great news, we are happy that the surgury went and glad to get the updates. Thinking of both of you.

    Armand and Carol

  16. Hooray! Major good news and may each day bring more. We're with you all in spirit and prayer!!!


  17. Huzzah for the successful surgery and postop (and Syracuse)! Best wishes for recovery - will keep sending Vibes.


  18. Glad to hear the good news of yesterday's surgery outcome and your great care with nurse Sally - we were with you every minute in our thoughts all day and with some UU prayers. Gonna play "Coming Home" every day till you do!

    Love to you both - Think sun & warmth coming from all of us.
    Jack & Joan

  19. Sometimes we shout, sometimes we cry, Sometimes we pray, sometimes we ask why.
    Sometimes we dance, sometimes we smile,
    When we listen to your beautiful songs.
    At 7 pm each evening, we gather for strength and healing.
    Singing, shouting, strumming, praying.
    May the spirits gather round and keep you safe,
    Grant you wisdom, power, peace and grace!

    Blessings to you both!

  20. Yay! What great news to come home to! We are sooo happy and relieved! Four thumbs up from here! See you tonight at 7!
    Cathy and Ron

  21. Dear Dan & Peggy-
    Singing songs and saying prayers for each of you! A very close friend of mine here in Syracuse is 11 years post neck, throat, soft palette and lymph node surgery! All is well in his universe after the long haul. I can connect the two of you if you would like---he's a very gentle spirit. All will be well in your journey as well! Keeping you both close in my heart and sending much love, healing power, and friendship always. Valerie McNickol

    PS. Now working up in the Red Creek territory, so let me know if I can be of any assistance on the home front!

  22. Dan & Peggy-
    Valerie here telephone number is 395-7200. My email address is Keep kickin' butt Dan!!!