Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feb. 3/2009 High Noon Vibe Tomorrow

This all started at the end of November with a doctor’s visit and a CT scan suspecting there was cancer present. Now over two months later, scans up the gumpstump, numerous doctors' visits and countless hours of research, we are finally ready to start the first part of our treatment, the surgical component. Tomorrow morning at Newark Wayne hospital in Newark, NY, I’ll have surgery to remove both of my tonsils and a modified neck dissection to remove as many lymph nodes as possible without removing the main neck muscle. The lymph nodes will in turn be biopsied to see if there is any cancer present. It turns out I will most likely be in the hospital 3 to 4 days with the first two days in intensive care to monitor the neck and make sure the drains are doing their job and monitor any complications that may happen. I have been extremely fortunate in my 52 years on the planet to have never had to spend the night in the hospital for surgery, so this will be a whole new experience!

Today I met with an ENT, Dr. John Coniglio in Rochester for a second opinion. He basically just reaffirmed what we are doing and had a few good suggestions about the surgery that he will pass on to our ENT. John knows Dr.Simmons and says he is a good head and neck surgeon and that we are in good hands!! So sometimes that second opinion just helps to put your mind at ease.

Once again words can’t even come close to describing how moved I am by all your wonderful notes and thoughts, and the ever growing 7:00 pm vibe time!! I would make a request that tomorrow {Wednesday 2/4}, we add a group vibe at 12:00 noon, when the surgery is scheduled to take place. It can be our high noon vibe. With all of your thoughts and prayers the surgery will be smooth and successful. Peggy will try to add a post on Wednesday night or Thursday to let you all know how things work out. I’ll look for you tomorrow at noon.


  1. Hi Dan, I've had the healing vibes going most of the day today, and will continue during your surgery tomorrow! May you be surrounded with love, comfort, courage, good hands, and faith through all of this, and know that so many of us will be holding you in our hearts and thoughts. Lots of healing energy will be there with you!
    Elaine and Mike

  2. Hi Dan,
    We are with you, too, and will be with you all day tomorrow, along with everyone who loves you. We are holding you close in our thoughts and our hearts. Peace be with you.
    Cathy and Ron

  3. Hey Dan,
    We will be sending you our love and healing energy tomorrow, especially at noon. Sounds like you will be in good hands and well cared for.
    Love ya, Cheryl and Dann
    PS-That's a great picture of you and Peggy....you're both so darn cute.

  4. Dan and Peg,
    So glad you passed on the time. There's a great growing contingent of "vibrators". Couldn't resist. The NCPR crew has been alerted a la' Elsa and are on board. I also spoke to Judy Cadbury and the wonderful Quakers are on the case. Your blog has been a gift for your friends. We can replace worry energy with positive direct healing energy. You're on the road. And you certainly are not alone. May you both be bathed in a circle of love and hope now and tomorrow. I'll be "around". Much love, Debby,Watson, Mardie and Kade

  5. Dan and Peggy,

    We think of you often and are constantly sending you positive energy and healing thoughts. We will send you even more tomorrow at noon.
    With much love,
    Rachel and Joe

  6. Hi Dan and Peg,
    I too am with you both, and will be with you all day tomorrow; joining the enormous circle of loving people who are holding you in their hearts and thoughts, and sending vibes of love and healing energy. I'll be in on your "high noon" vibe, Dan, sending you lots of loving,healing thoughts. And as I said, I'll eat a piece of pie [Dutch Apple] for you.

  7. Dan & Peggy,
    We will be thinking of both of you (especially tonight & tomorrow) with good vibes, and know that your strength & courage, along with all of your family & friends prayers,thoughts, and loving support will see you through your surgery, and recuperation in the days ahead. It sounds like you have picked the right surgeon, and have decided on a path that will see you through. This blog site is a wonderful way to keep in touch, and to follow your progress along the way. We will be on board with you tomorrow at high noon!
    Our best to you both, and much love,
    Marlene & Hugh

  8. Dan & Peggy,

    You are in my thoughts every moment of every day. You have given everyone many gifts through your music and friendship. We will all be with you in thought & prayer and with positive healing energy.

    Joyce R.

  9. Dan

    We'll be there with you at high noon.

    Jack & Joan Osborne

  10. I'll be in the choir with all the others whose good energies accompany you into surgery and Peggy in the waiting room.
    love and blessing,

  11. oh, yeah....lots of love, Dan. And Peg. Not much more to add to the words of others, but thank you for keeping us all in touch like this. prayers and love, Bob and Faith

  12. Dan and Peggy -
    High noon for a super blast of good vibes and a very specific intention for all to go well, for the doctors to be able to remove all the cancer and for your body to receive healing throughout the process. All day you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

    You are both well loved and well-blessed!
    Ron and Wanda

  13. we are in as well, and taking some quiet time this morning to hold in you in the quakerly light!! everything is going to go well, with so many people pulling for you. this blog is and has been such a gift and a way for us to direct whatever goodness we have your way! we feel like we can share the load, and we'll be sharing it today. see you at noon!! feeling very positive for you!! all our love, stef, val, tim, quakers of buffalo!

  14. Dan,
    We'll be thinking of you and praying for you today down here in Texas at 11:00 Central time.

    Joe and Marsha

  15. Dan and Peg,
    You have given so much to all of us through the years. Now we, together as one, give to you, our prayers and thoughts. HIGH NOON VIBES!
    Andy Caruso

  16. Hi Dan, hi Peg

    I am full of positive thoughts for you both...and trust that this system will provide you release from the stress of waiting for the surgery to happen...
    We are all out here, we are all thinking peaceful thoughts...and I trust all of us.
    So be well, feel good about taking action, and trust the universe...
    Love from the mountains...

  17. Sending good vibrations from the Pocono Mountains now, at noon, and always.

    Love, Lois

  18. And to that hum, we'll all do the dulcimer shuffle.

    (Just how do you do that, Dan?)

    The Adirondack Mountains are singing your song, Dan.

    In harmonious health,

    Carol Smalley

  19. High noon it is! I had a 2-day ICU stay after my mastectomy, and the night nurse was an angel.

    We are all with you and Peggy today, and I am looking forward to hearing how it all went.


  20. We are with you at High Noon. Love and Blessings.

    Donna and John

  21. Dan and I know that everyone helping you is doing their very best and we are joining in with all these positive thoughts as the surgery is happening. Such a beautiful neck soon to be better than before--free and strong! Nancy & Dan

  22. Dan and Peggy,
    We are rooting for you big time up here in the St. Lawrence Valley. It is so good for so many of us to have your clear and honest narrative about this experience. You must let us know if we can do anything to help you out. We're your tribe.
    Love from North Country Public Radio,

  23. Dan and Peggy:

    We're withing all the best for you, as always. Looking forward to visiting Trillium Lane with you in a few months.

    As Always,
    Eric and Joan

  24. What does a scan of the gumpstump look like, anyways? What kind of specialist is required to read it? A gumpstumpologist?

    Keep smiling and happy hammering!

  25. Hey Dan,
    Just got Dan Berggren's newsletter. Didn't know you were hurting. Hope today's surgery went well, and Best Wishes.

    Phil Shapiro