Thursday, February 5, 2009

More good news

Dan is better and is being moved out of ICU at right about vibe time! They kept him in bed all day (a tall order) to keep him from jostling his neck but now they feel its safe for him to stand up. And that makes it easier to pee. I never knew. Anyway, all systems are a go and if this keeps up he may go home on Saturday. The surgeon is very pleased with his progress and said they played Shenandoah Falls all day in his office. See y'all at 7. Gratefully, Peggy


  1. Ahead of schedule! Keep the good news coming! We are rooting for both of you every day at 7 and beyond!

    With hope and love,
    Cathy and Ron

    P.S. We knew about the pee thing... ;)

  2. Peggy and Dan - this is all such great news! I'm glad they caught the swelling, and it's great to hear that he can go home so soon.

    The vibes continue!


  3. This is wonderful news! Your fans are swaying to the music of the day!

    The next CD-of-the-day could be Trillium Lane. We're going to get some spring tease over the next week or so ... maybe the sap will start to flow!

    Dan on the mends and the sugar houses boiling the sap ...

    Nothing could be better after a long winter.


  4. Glad to hear things have gone well - sending positive thoughts and prayers your way for continued good news and recovery.

  5.'s all because of charlie and jean, ya know. great vibes there. love to both of you!

  6. YeeHaw!! Saranac Lake erupts in a massive cheer! And then another, after a pause to restoke our woodstoves. So grateful and glad about how well things are going! May healing abound -- Sue Grimm et al

  7. Hooray and up he rises! Here's hoping Dan is able to go home Saturday, the weather guys calling for the first warmer day of (almost) Spring. That's a really good sign of more good things to come! Take care, both of you... SH

  8. Oh wonderful!! That's great new!! I bet it feels good to finally stand up again, Dan, and not only for the reason Peggy are just not a lying-down kind of person! So glad to hear you might be albe to go home ahead of schedule... Hang on to your patience, and heal well...We're all keeping up the

  9. Fantastic News!
    Keep up the good thoughts, prayers, vibes, etc. and soon you will be home again.
    Sue Casler

  10. Such encouraging news! Glad that both of you are forging ahead with positive energy both from within and without. You are in our thoughts constantly and we hear the music and see the smiles...

  11. So glad to hear that the surgery went well and Dan will be home soon. I know how hard it is for him to be still! Bill and I are thinking of you both and sending good energy your way.

  12. way to go!
    (any humor detected- courtesy of Peggy's songwriting group influence)

  13. Heal on!! You are on your way to recovery and so are the Orangemen! Hopefully you can get home this weekend for the first warm weather - It's beautiful there - in the fall . . .! Nyuk, Nyuk . . .

  14. Great to hear that things are going well. Our prayers are being answered. Thanks for keeping us updated.

    Joe & Marsha

  15. Home on friday- we knew you could not keep Dan down! We are so happy for both of you!!!
    Hooray, hooray!!!! :-)

    Elise & Woody

  16. Hello Dan,
    The crew here, your biggest fans, are all sending you healing glad for some good news. candles for you by the TON.
    Love First UU

  17. Hi Dan and Peggy,

    Glad to hear your surgery went well. Rest, heal and stay positive - thoughts and prayers are with you at 7:00 and many moments through out every day!

  18. Dan and Peggy,
    Like the strings of a dulcimer we all get a little out of tune once in a while. In the right hands we can be made to once again resonate and fill the world with beautiful music. Happy healing!

  19. don't forget about the left hands - very important for dulcimer playing.

  20. Best wishes for a continued speedy recovery. You're both in my prayers.
    Margo Pancerella

  21. Rock On, man! Keep up the healing, rooting for ya'! North Syracuse is looking forward to the 40 degree heat wave we're supposed to have.....will make great travel home for you! Keeping you in my prayers and thoughts.....Valerie McNickol

  22. What a great thing to do on a Saturday...we're pulling for you guys...
    hope all goes well as you head home, and that the couch and cushions are ready and waiting for some comfortable sitting...
    Here's to happy healing!
    love you