Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Long Day

Today patience was top of the list for requirements.  Yesterday, a nurse took out Dan's catheter and today it had to be put back in. The swelling on the right side of his face has just about closed his right eye.  They thought he would be sent to a room on the 6th floor today but so far, no dice.  The physical therapist did get him up and he took a few hops, careful not to put weight on the left leg.  He's been up sitting in a chair all afternoon and is fairly comfortable there.  He was given a morphine pump for pain and does not hit the button as soon as it lights up.  Our friend Pat Wheelhouse has been here each day, God bless her!  Today she brought an interesting instrument half lap dulcimer, half banjo.  What fun; Dan picked out a tune right on the spot.  I am going over to her house on the lake tonight to sleep in a bed for a while.  I think I am reaching the point of diminishing returns.  Their coffee shop has a roast called Fire and Ice that's delish, but caffeine can only take you just so far.  I hate to leave Dan while he can't talk, but I'll make sure he's in good hands first. 


  1. Patience is so hard to come by! (I know; God's been trying to teach me that lesson for years -- I'm slow, but I'm going to get there if I live long enough!)

    Glad to hear that Dan was able to pick out a tune on the Banjammer or whatever its proper name is. I've had fantasies of adding one to my growing cache of mountain dulcimers. Maybe some day...

    Keep up those good spirits and don't lose your sense of humor. As you know, they're indispensable. We're all pulling for both of you. Prayers and positive thoughts coming at you from the southeast corner of Adirondack Park.

  2. In Dan's own words, life is hard by the yard, but a cinch by the inch. Sometimes you just need to take things an inch at a time. I am so glad that Pat is there, and that you are taking advantage of this much-needed caretaker for yourself; Dan is not the only one who needs to be cared for!

    I wish you and Dan the patience and the energy you need to get through these first critical days,step by step, as the healing begins. Sending love and singing a song of hope to you both.

  3. Cheers and the sleep of a baby. Thanks for the news.

  4. Love to you both Peg! I hope you got some rest. Hopefully today will be better! I am thinking of you guys so much!

  5. I am SO glad that the surgery went as well as it did and that you got it done when you did!!!!!! I am pleased that you and Dan are doing so well. I know it is probably killing him not to be able to walk and talk right but I know that his perseverence will get him through this. Looking forward to his speedy recovery and seeing you both next month.