Friday, April 19, 2013

ABP - Always be positive!

I have many positive events to report!  Yesterday Dan had a few visitors while waiting to be taken up to the 6th floor.  John Ohara stopped by and brought a children's book called Dem Bones which his artist wife, Donna, had embellished with a new section of bone in the jaw.  Hannah Gibbons, former Sagamore intern, visited with some perky pink tulips and her equally perky smile, and Pat Wheelhouse came with a lap dulcimer and new words she  wrote to Wild Mountain Thyme, which she shared as soon as they got Dan tucked in in his new room.  Being in a new setting was a little confusing for Dan at first; he thought he'd been taken to Oswego!  Now that he is settled in and had more than a few minutes of sleep at a time he's  gaining strength.  This morning they gave him a smaller trach tube which has a plug so they're weaning him off of it.  The drainage tube was removed from his neck, still one in his leg, and they took out the catheter. Best news of the day is that he was able to turn the tap back. on!  Woohoo!  He's still on track to go home on Monday.  Jack wants to know if Dan will be able to throw a frisbee even though he's on crutches?


  1. Glad to hear all the positive news! Prayers and Reiki continue for a rapid and complete healing. Hugs from Bainbridge!!

  2. We're so happy things are looking better and that you had a good rest! Hugs and good energy from the 'dacks! Lisa and Klaus

  3. Best wishes and healing thoughts to you both.
    Will be in touch soon.
    Kristl and Peter

  4. Tell Jack not to worry. Crutches or not, frisbees will definitely be flying. You can't keep a good man away from his dog. And what a joyous reunion to look forward to!

  5. Joan and I are so happy to learn that things are going as well as can be expected. Our prayers are with both of you for a speedy recovery. Tell Dan that I'm looking forward to going for a walk with him to see the Trilliums at the end of May! Does this fibula transfer surgery mean that he will be putting his foot in his mouth all the time now? ;-)

  6. So heart warmed to hear about the good progress! Dan will really be happy when he can throw the crutches for Jack to chase!!
    We're thinking of you both daily sending prayers and positive thoughts . . .
    Much Love & Peace to you ~ J&T

  7. It's great to hear the good news! I don't know about Jack, but Peggy, be careful of those crutches!
    Sending many prayers and positive thoughts for you each day.
    Grace & peace, Lois

  8. Wonderful news! Sue Casler

  9. Peggy &Dan,
    Absorb all the healing wishes, blessings, prayers, and love and then rest and heal! Life and Jack (dodging crutches?) await!!
    ABP, indeed! :-D
    Marcia <3

  10. Hoping it is a good day.We are thinking of youall down here in Carolina!