Monday, September 28, 2009

9/28/09 Cancer Free !!

Well today is a day that has been a long time coming. After 10 months, 3 surgeries, 35 radiation treatments, several chemo-therapy treatments, six and a half months with a peg tube,and many long difficult days and nights, for the moment I can actually tell you that I am cancer free. Today’s pet scan was completely clear and left no doubt about it. And although there are no promises about tomorrow, Peggy and I are absolutely thrilled to be able to pass on the good news. I will need to see the radiation oncologist every six months for a year or two, and also have scans twice a year but with all of your help and support we have come a long way!! To date this has been quite a journey and I have been so humbled and touched by the love and support shown by this community of friends. Realistically there are still a lot of issues to overcome from the treatments and this scan today is far from a cure, but with each landmark that passes we will inch closer and closer to that goal. I am eating better and even though it is still soft food, it is a great thing to be able to support myself without the help of the peg tube. Also there are still issues with nerve damage to my right hand but over time I hope that will get better. But today is a day to celebrate, lift up a glass and here’s to all of you for believing that we could actually see this day, here’s to the miracle of each and every day and living it to the fullest, and most importantly here’s to good friends that have helped to see us thru to this point in our recovery. And let’s not forget here’s to the healing power of music and the wonderful role it plays in all of our life’s. And here's to my wonderful wife Peggy who continues to be my rock through all of this. I also need to thank the wonderful doctors and staff at Clifton Springs hospital and cancer clinic who have been amazing and have treated Peggy and I as if we were family.

I can’t thank all of you enough for your never ending support during this time. It really has and continues to mean the world to Peggy and myself. I will continue to update the blog every week or so and keep everyone posted as my recovery continues. In the meantime I look forward to seeing many of you at performances this fall and as always, I’ll look for you at 7:00.


  1. Great news ... all the best to you.

  2. Happy Day! Congratulations on the great news. Your music has always been an inspiration to many of us and your life's journey has been a wonderful gift. Thank you for everything you've done for all of us, too.

    Happy Hammering!

    - Eric & Joan

  3. WAHOO! Music for my ears! Your picture looks like you're filling out! This is such thrilling news. A miracle. Much love to you both. Debby and the dawgs

  4. YAY!!!
    LOve to you and Peggy!

  5. Wonderful news, Dan. It was great to meet you at Cranberry, and inspiring to hear you play. Congratulations on the good news news and for accomplishing so much musically this summer. Best wishes for MANY , many more good reports to come! I hope our paths will cross again on the dulcimer circuit.

  6. Hooray, Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!!!! That's all I needed to know today. (And it's late, and I've got to get to bed, but am glad that I remembered to check in here and will come back tomorrow and read this.) Hugs. d

  7. Hip hip hooray!!! Was thinking of you all day yesterday and hoping for the very best. So glad to get such great news. Bill and I are so happy for you and Peggy. It has been a long journey. Our thoughts are always with you.


    Wonderful news Dan AND Peggy.
    Consider yourselves hugged. We went through this with our son, so we have a glimmer of what you may be feeling.
    Jim and Pam Anderegg

  9. YIPPEE!
    Thoughts were with you all day yesterday!
    Your amazing journey is an inspiration to everyone!
    Will be with you every night at 7:00.
    Luv ya both! :)

  10. Dan,

    Congratulations - that is very good news! We're thinking about you here in Philly, NY.!

    Steve & Kat Martin

  11. Here's to you Dan! AND Peggy! with a good ole glass of doghouse wine. See you next week at Bluseed, travel permitting. Enjoyed Brad's account of your gig at the Fair - and watched his video of you playing. Lookin' forward to hearing you live. It will surely be a celebration!
    in Franklin Falls
    where we expect snow, SNOW!!! day after tomorrow
    in the morning

  12. You just made our day. Great news you two! Keep the news coming and keep the music out there too.

    Greg and Amy

  13. Dan and Nancy shared the news with us -- Hooray! We can't wait to see you and Peggy in October at the folk weekend!
    Jim, Jenny & Annea

  14. Hallelujah! Ya gotta love a clean PET scan!!! I look forward to celebrating with you on October 17th at Susquehanna String Band's annual concert at First UU. The 16th is my birthday, and I can't think of a better gift than knowing we are both healthy and on our way to leaving these cancers behind us.

    Love to you and Peggy.


  15. Feels incredible doesn't it? Congratulations!!!!!

  16. Oh sooooo GLAD, Dan and Peggy! You know and are so much more than a year ago. May all the struggles, the hope, the depair, and most of all the love and joy infuse your music making. I know your deeper wisdom will be a gift to many delivered with humor and song.
    lots of love, Cara

  17. Hi Dan,

    That's wonderful news!! Congratulations!!! I've been keeping up with your blog off and on ever since I first saw mention of your illness in the DPN article that Dan Landrum wrote months ago. You've certainly had a terrible struggle. From following along, I've been inspired by your courage and your positive outlook throughout your (and Peggy's!) ordeal. It's great to see you enjoying a beer at last!! I remember spending a great musical weekend with you a few years back at the dulcimer fest near Pittsburgh. I look forward to playing with you again in the future.
    Best wishes for a healthy and full recovery!!
    Randy Clepper

  18. Dan,
    Great News! It bought tears of joy to me.
    The courage you demonstrated during your battle with cancer is remarkable. I hope everyday you feel stronger.
    The great news has made many happy hearts.
    Give my love to Peggy!
    Always feel the 7:00 vibes!
    love ya,
    Thank you for writing this blog. Words cannot describe the connection I've had with your battle with cancer. Great information.

  19. Wonderful news! Very glad indeed.
    We're looking forward to seeing and hearing you both!
    Ed & Barb

  20. Hallelujah! I lift a glass with joy, and celebrate ever day of this wonderful life. Love to both of you, Glenda

  21. Congratulations. What a testament to faith, friends, and music.

    John W

  22. Thought of you all day last Monday and checked your blog until I saw your great news posted - thought I left a message that night, but don't see one - alas, another attack of the dingleberries. What fabulous news - wonderful to see your joyful picture!! Hope you are celebrating with soft pie - Deborah & Delaney

  23. Congratulations. Somehow I never doubted this would be your result! I'm sooooo happy for both of you. See you at Bluseed!


  24. So happy to hear this news, and to hear your music on the radio today! Congratulations to you and Peg. I'll miss you guys at Bluseed, but will see you soon at Esperance. Can't wait. Jamie

  25. Oh my oh my. Prayers do get answered. And positive thinking DOES do its tricks...happy October, Dan, and I can't wait to see you this week at Bluseed to give you the long-awaited hug! Congratulations. And happy hammering!
    love you guys

  26. My heart jumped for joy when I read the great news. I am in awe of how far you have come. Thanks be to God.
    Cindy M.

  27. Yahoo!!! So glad to hear the news. See you at Sagamore. Hugs!!

  28. CONGRATS!!! there is nothing like hearing "you're all clear"

    from one survivor family to another...CONGRATS and here's to many healthy years!!!!

  29. Great news, Dan! Thanks so much for coming to school... the kids in Potsdam loved it !!

    Jill Savage

  30. Danny,
    It is the best news possible. I am lifting a glass of Jameson in your honor. I look forward to a day when we can get together again. See you soon.

    Joe Farmer

  31. Hey Dan,
    Excellent news!
    What a celebration.

  32. Dan,

    It looks like I will miss the concert this weekend, which I am sad about, but my twin nieces have their birthday party this weekend and it's a chance to celebrate my birthday with them as well.... sorry I will miss it. I know you will be awesome!

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  34. 7:00 p.m. will always be reserved for you! Congratulations from my heart! At my last oncology check-up, my oncologist walked me out to the waiting room and held my arm up [I wondered WHAT he was doing], and he announced that I was his Poster Child for Survival. When I saw you this past weekend, I thought, you know, here you are, another Poster Child for Survival. It doesn't matter if it's 20 years or 20 minutes, one moment becomes another and you begin to understand what living in the present means. It is all about soul and love and being there every moment for ourselves and for each other in the best way possible sharing our gifts in the best way possible. So, I raise a glass to Dan Duggan! Yahoo!

  35. Dan,
    I just read your wonderful news! Congratulations to you and your family. You and your music are an inspiration to all of us!

    MaryBeth Godzwon Walsh

  36. YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHa!


    Terry Manion

  37. Wow! Just looked the blog and I am soooo happy for you!

  38. That's brilliant! I only just discovered this blog... I have a cancer blog of my own. :)
    Stay well! I hope your hand recovers soon and completely.

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