Thursday, September 17, 2009

09/17/09 Tubeless in Red Creek !!

It has been a really good week!! On Monday we had a visit with the chemotherapy oncologist and lab work done at the hospital. Both went really well, all the blood counts were normal and there was nothing out of the ordinary. I had a goal to weigh 145 lbs for this particular visit and when they weighed me in I was 145 on the nose! That was great. But the best part of the day was having the peg tube removed. I realized that I had the peg tube for over six and a half months and it really was a life safer during and right after treatment. I really think that things would have been much more difficult without it. But as grateful as I am for the role it played during radiation and chemo therapy I am so thankful and happy to have it no longer be around. After a few days my stomach is feeling good and I hope that once I get back a little more weight I can put on the old running shoes and get back at it! Even though what I can eat is still quite limited, I am thrilled that now it is all coming from eating, and that is a major step in this recovery. I am scheduled for a pet scan on Monday morning Sept.28th and that will hopefully tell us a lot more about what is happening with my mouth and neck. I am hopeful for the best and I would gratefully ask for some good vibes on the 28th.

Tomorrow night is the Susquehanna String Band concert here at our farm with a weekend Hammered Dulcimer master class to follow Saturday and Sunday. Next week we are up in Potsdam at Hosmer auditorium on Monday night and doing outreach programs to north country schools the rest of the week. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be able to be out performing and traveling again. It really seems miraculous and now things are starting to feel a little more like they used to. I still get quite tired out but with each passing day the energy seems to be a little better. It really gives me such an appreciation for every day that we have. To all of you and your never ending support I am so very thankful and grateful ! Without you this journey would be much more difficult, that’s for sure. Enjoy all that fall has to offer and I’ll look for you at 7:00 !! By the way this post is number 50,which is really quite a milestone.


  1. Hoping to get to the hayloft. I think of you so often!

  2. Love all the good news. Missing you all this weekend at the farm. Have a great time. Big hugs to all.
    Jack O

  3. What great news! It's hard to believe that this is your 50th posting. Thanks so much for sharing what you have gone through, and thus allowing us to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. We will continue to do so. Cindy M.

  4. What wonderful news - Are you able to enjoy pie yet? We look forward to seeing you in Saranac Lake in October. Wish we could make it up to Potsdam! Saw some pics on John Kirks gadget and you're looking better and better. Lisa and Klaus

  5. Hi Dan and Peggy:

    Good for you. Wish I had seen this earlier ( I was travelling and then trying to catch up on my "home work"). Glad to hear that you're doing so well

    Terry Manion

  6. 145, eh? Pretty soon, you'll surpass Andy and me, and will be able to sit on us and squash us like bugs. Glad to hear that your vestigial appendage has been removed. It's hard to imagine what that must be like, but surely it must feel much better to have such peculiar thing gone. (but thank heavens for the technology. . .) We're all hoping for good news, soon. Hugs from the Vineyard (still :-) Andy & Deborah

  7. Wow! This really is good news. You're finally on your own without that tube. Chow down Dan..... keep the weight coming on. I've been in Canada all last week with Steve Schneider in his master class. That's why I missed yours. Would love to see you and Peg. Let us know how the next scan goes... we're praying and praying for ya!

    love and peace, Karen & Bob McCurdy

  8. What a milestone! Hope as this season continues you'll find ways to enjoy some of the fruits of autumn like apples, squash, and maybe even pluots.
    So glad the music gigs are bringing joy to you as well as to your audiences, Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers on Monday.
    love to you and Peggy, Cara

  9. Dan,
    Great to read you are progressing well ... best wishes, John, Gail, Stevie and Scooter .. :)