Tuesday, August 11, 2009

8/11/09 Small bursts of energy !!

It has been a wonderful week of traveling and performing with some really nice programs. Highlights include Café Lena, a dance at Tannery Pond and the Adirondack Music festival in Schroon Lake over the weekend. One of the best parts of doing the gigs is getting to see so many folks who have been so supportive of Peg and I during this whole process, it really is touching and for me quite emotional. I am starting to feel more comfortable performing, a month ago each job was a bit of a panic and I was not sure how things would work out, but the more we’re out playing the more natural it is beginning to feel. I am also starting to get some little bursts of energy every once in a while, it really gives me hope for things to turn around even more as time passes. Eating is still a chore but I have started to be able to eat some soft chicken and cold cuts and that has really helped a lot. Also this week I hade my first beer in over six months! The first sip went right up my nose but then things settled down and I was able to sip it down. Unfortunately it is still quite a job to get food and drink of any type down but the main thing is that I am seeing progress and that is a wonderful thing!! I am still getting quite tired from the performances but a little bit of napping can go a long way and the positive impact of being out working is just amazing.

Yesterday I saw the ENT and it was a really good visit. He reviewed my last pet scan and showed me where most of the up tick in activity is. Basically its right where most of the surgery and the bulk of the radiation was concentrated, so he also believes we need to wait until later this summer or fall when my throat has healed more to do another scan and see if things are looking clearer. He feels for a little over 3 months post treatment that I am doing great and actually was pretty amazed that I am able to do as much as I have been doing. He also was encouraging about the numbness in my hand. He has seen the carple tunnel nerve be affected by Chemotherapy many times before and thought there was a good chance that in time it might heal itself. He did look down my throat and told me it is far from being healed but the throat is making slow progress. The best news is I only need to see him every other month now, down from once a month and that is really encouraging!!

This is going to be another busy week but I am really looking forward to it! After the weekend I will doing a week of intergenerational camp at great camp Sagamore and if all goes well I may even be able to get the lost pond boat in the water. I can’t tell you thankful I am for each and every day and that I can be out doing what we love best, it really seems like a miracle to me after all that happened this Spring! But I know that this healing process would not be as successful without all of the wonderful thoughts and prayers coming from so many of you. I know I have said it before but it means so much to Peggy and I and I am so grateful. I look forward to seeing some of you later this summer and fall and as always I’ll be looking for you at 7:00 !!


  1. Yippee! It is so good to hear such good news about your incremental getting better. Your insistence on remaining optimistic throughout this grueling process must have everything to do with your healing.

  2. Dan,

    May you continue to be blessed with small bursts of energy and little miracles each day. God Bless you!

    Theresa Costello

  3. Looking good Dan! That beer must have been sooo sweet.
    We all think of you often and are always glad to hear of positive progress.
    Keep doing what you're doing and as always, YOU are a real inspiration in so many ways.
    Cheryl and Dann

  4. Beer, music, and fewer doctor visits - waaay to go! You continue to inspire me with your perseverance and drive to live fully. Thank you!
    May the healing continue. Trust you still take time out to relax and just enjoy summer wonders like the Perseids, canaries on sunflowers, frogs in a pond, and hummingbirds in the monarda.
    lots of love to you and Peggy!

  5. Dan,
    It was so great to see you this weekend! That you are getting small(!) bursts of energy is obvious; that you have surpassed all predictions of where you should be at this point is no surprise. You look wonderful, your music is smoking hot, and you continue to amaze and inspire me in every way with your energy and great attitude.

    See you at 7!

  6. It's so great to hear all your wonderful, positve news, Dan...and to "see" you looking so good!
    Is there any chance that your eating ablilies, travel-ability, energy level and performance schedule :) will allow you to spend some time with Peggy up at Meadowlark Music Camp next week?? I'll be there, and it would be really wonderful to see you BOTH!!
    Keep healing and improving day by day:)

  7. Danny,
    Thinking of you often. Sounds like everything is going in the right direction. I'm in Okinawa, Japan for a few days so I'll have to join you at 8:00am instead of 7:00pm. Take care my friend.

    Joe F.

  8. hey, walk tall and carry a low voice. enjoyed the new photos and encouraging reports. by the way, eat more pie! talk soon.

  9. There's a very informative conversation in the 8/17 NYT website on the affects on the brain of many types of chemo and radiation. Might be helpful.

  10. Hi Dan,
    It was great seeing you perform your music magic this summer. Thanks for all your inspiration. I will keep Peggy and
    you in my vibes.
    love ya,

  11. Dan, It was great to see you and Peg at the Adirondack Festival in Schroon Lake. I really appreciate everything that you and John O'Hara did to make my new Blackhawk Dulcimer a reality. I have greatly enjoyed playing it, and everytime I tune it I think of what you and John have been through over the last year or so, and that just makes the Dulcimer all that much more special. Thanks! Enjoy what we have! Andy

  12. Hey Dan - your first beer! Life is good and gettin' better!! We'll tip one for you tonight in celebration.
    Keep up your "kick butt" determination... that's what's gonna get you further and further down to road to complete recovery.... that and, of course, our thoughts and prayers.

    Love and prayers,

    Karen and Bob McCurdy

  13. Remember! Guinness is Good for You!

  14. Big hugs for your continuing to experience the return of energy - and the return of eating and the return of beer. I LOVED seeing both of you at Caffe Lena, and I want to see you in the Lost Pond boat in the next photo! I will see you soon at Mountain Music and look forward to more hugs and more energy.

    We love you so much!
    Wanda and Ron