Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6/23/09 An Imperfect Science !

If there is one thing I have learned from this experience with Cancer it is that whenever you are looking for a definitive answer, especially from tests, you very rarely get one. This was the case with the PET scan on Monday. PET scans can tell you where there is unusually active cell growth and because cancer cells replicate so quickly they can be very useful in finding cancer cells. They also can find other cells that are doing the same thing. The scan on Monday was a bit “murky” as our oncologist put it. There is a slight uptake in cell activity in the region where the original cancer site was located months ago, but this could only be telling us that because of all the swelling and soreness in that area of my throat from surgery and radiation. With that exception the rest of the scan was clear. The Radiation oncologist was not alarmed and said when the throat finally levels out we’ll do another scan and have a better idea. He said that it happens a lot and the business of reading these scans can be an imperfect science! Not the “cancer free” results we had hoped for but not really bad news either, just more questions! I don’t need to meet the radiation people for another three months and that is great. I will meet the ENT every month for at least this year. In the meantime I’ll continue to do my best to heal up, eat what I can and get ready for our summer schedule of concerts and workshops. Peggy and I are taking a few days off and going away for a little R&R which is a wonderful thing right now! Thanks again for the vibes and wonderful thoughts sent our way, it really means a lot! I’ll look for you at 7:00.


  1. Dan and Peggy:

    It's great that you didn't get "bad news". It's unfortunate that you didn't necessarily get "good news" either. I guess we'll all just have to trust that they got all of it, for now. They've done all that they can and it's now just up to you to continue eat as much as you can and heal up. Eat more custard pie!

    Enjoy your time away.....relax and have fun.

    We'll look forward to seeing and hearing you soon.

    As Always,
    Eric and Joan

  2. Dan & Peg;

    Go enjoy yourselves. Bring a guitar and sing to each other about the great joys to come in your lives together. We wish you much improved, if not perfect, weather for your little get-away.

    Remember that we have done much testing and have found that "Yellow Tail" and eating lots of pie - not necessarily at the same time - can help heal....fairly quickly...... most anything that ails you.

    Hugs - see you soon. Enjoy!
    Jack & Joan

  3. hi danny! good news! well, at least not bad news! ahhh, we love western medicine, huh? im sure the biggest thing you want to hear after all your months of hell is that this thing is finally all the way gone and you can just go back to normal!!!!

    i guess you've probably learned more than most people what its like to be comfortable with uncertainty over the past months. i guess this is something we all need to practice. and you've done a great job. one thing you can be certain of throughout all of this is that we all love you guys very much and we're all in this with you as much as we can be and are looking forward to sharing in your healing too!

    love, stef, val, mark, tim, and bill catmin.

  4. Have a great holiday! I'm sure the murky results will be clearer the next time around. I wouldn't even think about it again, if you can help it.

    See you soon.


  5. Dear Dan and Peggy.....you do not know me and yet I know you.............through your wonderful music. I love taking the DPN and took lovenly to your piece HOPE. I make and play harps and dulcimers, and this just sooooooooooo goes with the harp. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH. When I first read of the cancer you've had, I put your name on the Nauvoo, Illinois Mormon Temple prayer rolls that go on the Temple alter....and only last week my dear sweetheart Tomasi, was diagnosed with rectal cancer....we've been married almost 45 years, 14 children and 46 grandchildren. Your music walked with me all morning and today, thank you again for your song of Hope. I take him to his first oncology appointment today. I will read everything on your blog site when I come back. I also have a blog site, as we're building the house of my dreams..........wish I could have built it sooner...but oh well.

    we're originally from Hawaii.

    aloha, Irene Tukuafu


  6. Hi Dan and Peggy - Well it's certainly a slow but sure process. It's so good to hear that you're playing more gigs and enjoying it so much. Actually, I find it amazing that you're doing that already! Keep up the positive attitude, good spirits and energy.
    We're heading out to Colorado/Utah for 3 weeks. Will keep an eye on your blog from the car!
    Love and prayers - Karen and Bob McCurdy

  7. So glad to hear you're playing again. It must have been wonderful to perform with Dan B again! I'll bet the Oak is looking a bit different from that last picture.

    Love and prayers

    Lisa and Klaus

  8. Dan and Peggy,

    Gail and I have been following your journey.. just know our thoughts are with you. Enjoy your R&R.... Best from the boys as well...

    Kind regards, John, Gail, Steve and Scooter Barbano

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