Sunday, June 7, 2009

6/07/09 A Garden of Thoughts !

Well it has been a relatively good week. I am slowly trying to increase what I am able to eat. This weekend I was able to eat some French toast, { Sorry no freedom fries ! } some pancakes, and a soft muffin {lathered in butter and warmed up in the microwave ! }. So things are slowly beginning to improve. The throat is still really struggling but I am giving it my best. The tube feedings are also happening after every meal, but to date I don’t believe that I’ve been able to put on any pounds, but I hope that won’t be too far off. About half way thru the week I realized that this week was going to be a little bit different from many of the previous weeks. This past week we did not have to see any doctors, first time since the end of January, and boy was it nice !! Ah let the healing continue.

This weekend we ended up canceling the master class at our farm, but decided to invite a few of the students to come and have a visit and stay over on Friday night. It was a wonderful visit and we all got to play some music and sit around our new fire pit { Thanks to Peggy ! }, and had a wonderful fire. On Saturday Cathy Marczak presented us with this beautiful garden of cardboard flowers but the best part was that the flowers each have a comment from the blog. It really is a wonderful thing and reminds me of how insightful so many of you have been !! Thanks so much Cathy and Ron. On Sat. we got to play some great music and also took a visit the heron rookery at Sterling Nature Center about 15 minutes from our home. Over twenty pair of nesting great blue herons, what an inspiration. Today Peg and I were able to go our Unitarian service in Syracuse. It was the first time I had been able to go to church since late Jan. and it was wonderful. It was so great to see our friends at the church, really emotional and uplifting. So slowly but surely things are starting to have a sense of order again, far from normality but we are definitely getting there !!

Once again as we navigate these new waters, I am ever so thankful for all of your continued support for Peggy and I. I am brought to tears many times throughout the week just reflecting on how lucky we are to have such a great supportive group of friends!! Thanks so much again for everything, I’ll look for you at 7:00 !


  1. Thanks Peg & Dan for letting us join you for a wonderful time together. It was so good to see you both. Cathy's flowers were the highlight of the visit as they contained the healing thoughts from so many who care so much.I'm glad that you shared the picture.

    Let the vibes continue - your strenght in seeing your way through all of this is an inspiration. Be well quickly my friend - we love you both.

    Jack Osborne

  2. Dan,

    It was so great to see you at church today! Such a great surprise. It was great to see you out and about, and it was really great to hear the sound of your voice!

    I love those stretches of time when I don't have to see any doctors or get any tests done. The great thing about recovery is that those non-doctor periods get longer and longer. I'm not in one right now myself, but I sometimes get to go over a month without talking to or seeing any medical professionals, and I always really appreciate the break.

    I love the cardboard flower garden. What a great idea! When I was going through treatment a friend gave me a hand-made wooden tool box, with all these little foam shapes - each with a quote about strength or courage, or presented as a tool to use in my recovery. It's so moving when someone puts their personal time and effort into project like that.

    Anyway, I will see you at tomorrow's 7pm vibe!


  3. Thanks for sharing some very special moments this weekend and for sharing your journey with all of us. Although your physical stength is still recovering, witnessing your inner stength is truely an inspiration to us all. Keep hanging in there, my friend.

    - Eric

  4. Looking forward to recording when you are ready! So glad to hear that you have some energy to create.

    Lisa and Klaus

  5. Dan & Peggy:

    You look like you're on the way to the Prom! I gotta get down to that rookery before they all fly away!

    Terry Manion

  6. Wow - muffin slathered in butter, music, flowers, friends, community - AND NO DOCTOR VISITS - all in one week!
    Congratulations, healing is happening.

  7. Dan & Peggy,

    It was a treat to share some wonderful moments with both of you and good friends at your home this past weekend. It was icing on Dan's great french toast to see and hear him playing the hammered dulcimer flawlessly at his customary "ramming speed."

    Love to you both,

    Tom Hodgson

  8. Peggy--who is that handsome stranger you're hanging around with?! Great to see the photo and hear the news that everyday a bit of progress is happening and things are slowly returning to normal. We look forward to seeing you guys soon (ish)! Keep up your spirits and your strength (which is becoming legendary). Let those cool, smooth, soft, and slippery foods/drinks slide their way into your being--yum yum:)

  9. Dan-
    Who is that unbearded stranger in the picture?? Does it feel funny to touch real skin, rather than fuzzy beard? Got to be a country song in there somewhere.
    I've got a PIE with your name on it, when you're ready. Apple, blueberry, cherry ... peach, lemon or strawberry. Or, other of your choice.

    Chuck Lochner

  10. Hey, Dan and Peg

    I never thought about it before, but I haven't seen my chin in over a quarter of a century!

    What does that say about us?

    Keep up the healing, man. I'm sure you'll be eating like a horse in no time!