Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hi everyone, if you have found this site you already know about my head and neck cancer diagnosis. I thank all of you for your wonderful notes and phone calls filled with loving thoughts and encouragement. This will be a long and difficult journey with many twists and turns. As we proceed from diagnosis through more surgery and treatment. I think that this blog will be the best way for me to keep things up to date. I’ll write as often as I feel up to it and I look forward to hearing from you. My Dad, Bill Duggan, has always been the most positive influence in my life and I have carried his positive attitude with me. His favorite saying was ABP, always be positive, and in his memory, armed with that positive attitude, the great strength of friends and family and the never ending support of my wonderful wife Peggy, I embark on this most challenging chapter of my life.

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  1. Hi Dan. Thanks for making this effort to keep all your many friends and fans up to date on your evolving situation. As you hopefully know, there are many of us who are very concerned and wish you all the best as you deal with this very personal and difficult surprise. With your positive attitude and proper medical care (and all of us supporting you), we've got to be optimistic about the outcome. Hope you had some "fun in the sun". Give our best wishes also to Peggy.

    Happy Hammering!