Friday, January 23, 2009

Jan 23rd, 2009 National Pie Day

Thursday I spent the day at Ide imaging in Rochester having a Pet scan. They give you a radioactive injection, then you need to sit quietly for nearly an hour so the material will distribute evenly throughout the body. For the scan you lie perfectly still {on your back} for an hour as you are slowly moved in and out of the machine. This was quite an accomplishment for me, in fact I don’t know if Peggy has ever seen lie that still for so long! We should have the results sometime the beginning of next week, and once again hopefully have another piece of the puzzle.

We received a wonderful email from our friend Debbie Starling in Indian Lake with a great idea. “Here's the deal. Since everyone is sending good wishes, prayers, happy vibes, healing thoughts, etc. for Dan’s healing and strength to you both, it might be more powerful if we did it at the same time. We have been sending vibes at 7:00 each night. The more the merrier. This is like a group phone cocktail to a higher power. We started right away and the word is spreading. I don't really know how many are doing it but you might mention it to others that would like to do something in support. We will continue and now that you are aware of it, I bet you'll feel it”.
Sounds like a great idea, strength in numbers!

Many of you have mentioned that it has been hard to leave comments. I have changed the settings to make that easier, so please try again, your wonderful healing thoughts and notes really do make a big difference.

Finally, for those of you who are not aware of it, today is National Pie Day and as you know we are quite fond of pie. In honor of the holiday find a quiet moment to sit down and enjoy a warm piece of fruit pie al-a-mode, “Its pretty good for you”.


  1. Oh, Dan. What news...

    I'll certainly celebrate Pie Day and send all my well wishes to you and Peggy. Actually, the Pie Song is quite a hit in my family. My niece (age 3) often asks me to sing it to her, and it always makes me think of the Dans. Oh, I could use a Dan sandwich right about now!

    Thinking of you,
    Christina Erickson (from the old Saga-days)

  2. Hi Dan,
    If you can be still for two hours, you can do anything! You are an inspiration!

    I will be there with you and the ever-growing group sending out good thoughts at 7:00 tonight, and every night. And as a special tribute and contribution at that time, I will be playing one of your wonderful tunes on the beautiful dulcimer I got from you.

    If there are any other musicians interested in playing along, I would love to have some company!

    Happy Pie Day, and happy every day. Thanks so much for staying in touch.


  3. Oh my, I think I see a pie in our near future. Happy National Pie Day! Too bad it's not a full moon, so we could call it a Full Moon Pie!
    We're proud of you to lay still so long and can hardly believe it.....must have been dreaming of pie.
    Love, Cheryl and Dann

  4. Hi Dan! I'm sitting here with my family and my mom and dad. We just had blueberry pie a la mode! My father was given a blueberry pie today, not knowing it was national pie day. So, we enjoyed it and thought of you. (and you having to sit still for so long! :)
    Love you,

  5. We'll be joining the 7 o'clock gathering (and will bring pie!).

    Peace and Love to you Both,
    John & Trish

  6. I will be joining the 7 o'clock gathering. Feel the peace and strength of all.

    Hugs to both
    Deb Fox

  7. Dan, We are joining the healing circle for you!! Love, Brooksie and Richard

  8. I thought national pie day (pi day and pie day could be different days) was March 14th... well Get Well Soon!

  9. Hi Dan,

    I'll be sending the positive vibes at 7:00 everyday as well. (and more throughout each day) Just discovered a love for Key Lime pie! ..I like it very much...

  10. Dan, holding still must have been like a hugh brick wall but you did it and I will be sending 7:00 vibes to help you over all the brick walls as they appear! Great idea! ... Along with a pie here and there!
    Peggy, love and hugs for you are included here!
    Love, Elise

  11. hey dan! (and peg) this is a great way to keep us all posted. you are in mine and vals thoughts, as well as those of our mom, dad, tim, etc. i've sent val the link for this so she can keep up with it too. we will definitely be in for the 7:00 prayer sending, and the quakers are holding you in their quakerly light and asking after your health often. so feel the love coming from buffalo!! on a more touchy-feely note, i'm training for a half marathon in may, and have a 5k today that is a part of that training. i've been iffy about whether or not i would do it, because its 12 degrees out and bc my knees been bothering me, but after reading your blog, i am definitely running and will be running the race in dedication to you today. we are using the term 'race' here quite liberally, because i suspect it will take me about 40 minutes, and the only people i will be 'racing' are walkers. lol. so i will be sending vibes to you during that race in your honor at 11 am today. love you guys! abp :-) love, stef

  12. Hi Dan:

    Thanks for the update. Congratulations on being still for so long....probalby one of the toughest things you've ever done!

    I'll be joining in the 7:00 pm group and playing along with Cathy .... probably Song of Hope. If it worked for John.....

    Keep hanging in there!

    - Eric

  13. Hello Dan -

    We'll join the group sending healing thoughts your way each night at 7:00 from down here in the southern tier of New York.

    I can't believe I missed pie day! I suppose it's not too late to still celebrate...


    Hope G and Jim MacW

  14. We fill our new house with your music often! We will certainly send our healing thoughts at 7:00 and always!
    Carol (Smith) & Jeff

  15. The gals from Y2K will be joining the 7 PM gathering with playing healing vibrations and prayers from Maine to Wisconsin.
    Much love from all of us,
    Sue Casler and the the Y2K crew.
    No Dan it is NOT KY2!!

  16. Hey Dan. I sent a book from an author I heard on the radio. Humor and cancer. Some is in poor taste. I hope you like it. So glad so many are getting involved in our group hug. You better get a lint brush for the warm fuzzies you receive. See you at 7:00. Love, Debby and the Dawgs

  17. Sharon from HeritageJanuary 26, 2009 at 8:39 PM

    Hey Dan... Remember a couple of summers ago, you wrote a song, "Waiting for Sophie"?
    She is now a happy, healthy 2/12 year old... and is adding.. "Dan,my music man" to her prayers each night.
    Take care my friend... all the best thoughts for wisdom and care. Sharon

  18. Dan, heard about your situation, my wife and I are praying for your speedy recovery. Keep up that wonderful energy and music of yours. Curt O

  19. Hi Dan and Peggy,

    Consider us part of the 7:00 pm hug, prayer and vibe circle! I have been trying to picture you sitting still, still can't do it!

    Love and Blessings,
    Donna and John

  20. Pops,
    Pie Day happened to be on my birthday this year, so guess what we had instead of cake? I cheated a little by making a Boston Creme Pie, but quantity-wise it was definitely overruled by "real" pies.
    Here's to you getting through this without a hitch.
    Take care,
    Andy FitzGibbon

  21. Dan & Peggy - may your steps tomorrow lead to a brighter future, may you take those steps with the "blanket" of good vibes, love, care and prayers of all of us. May you take tomorrow with comfort, and as much detachment as you can manage, knowing you are in good, caring hands! We are here for whatever help we can offer, whenever it is needed, however it is needed! Hugs, hugs, hugs!
    Elise & Woody