Friday, July 9, 2010

7/08/10 Its Summer !

Well I have certainly been very bad at keeping up with the blog this late spring and have seen several of you at concerts who have certainly let me know ! I do apologize and will do my best to keep the blog rolling thru the summer ! It has been a busy few months. In early June I had a Pet scan and all is clear right now on the western front, and that is wonderful news! The radiation oncologist feels like we are in really good shape but will still continue to monitor me every six months, and at that point decisions will be made as to weather Pet scans are needed. The guidelines keep changing and a lot of that is the work of the insurance companies. I have been running every few days and although there is still some nerve issues with my legs it is a wonderful thing. My throat continues to be an ongoing adventure! During times of high humidity, things swell up and eating becomes a bit more difficult. I am still on a rather odd diet but the good news is that I can eat a lot of different things, fruit and greens are still out but I have become quite fond of soft pies!! I don’t know how much more will come back but I am so thankful as I think back to last summer and how tough things were.

We had a wonderful concert and Dulcimer weekend here at the farm in the middle of June, a great visit and concert for Joe and Carol Brusheck at the Ndakinna Education Center and Peggy and I recently finished up a great week of concerts in Western NY and are headed to great camp Sagamore for a week of intergenerational camp. Also Peggy and I just received our new CD “Grandsongs”, which is a disc of a lot of the songs we do with grandparents and kids. We have lots of traveling, concerts and workshops coming our way this summer. Every summer someone says “July 4th summers over”, but it feels like its just kicking into high gear. I thought some of you might get a kick out of the theater marquee that we found waiting for us when we played at the Indian Lake theater in June !

After all this time to digest the feeling of going thru cancer and treatments, I have finally started to be able to write a song or two about what I am and have been feeling. I have included the latest below “You are what you Dream”, Peg and I hope to be performing this later this summer. Also Peggy has a wonderful new song about the music pulling us thru all of this. And of coarse we continue to be ever thankful for this wonderful community of friends that have showed so much love and support during this amazing journey. We hope to see many of you at performances this summer and I promise to much better at keeping this blog up to date. Keep those positive thoughts coming for so many people we all know that continue to struggle with Cancer, our thoughts and prayers can go a long way !!

You Are What You Dream

Dan Duggan c Esperance Music BMI

Hold on to your Faith
Hold on to your Dreams
Hold on to your strength and your will to Succeed
The days may seem long
And the nights may seem endlessly cold
When hopes promise fade, as tough as it seems
Hold on to your dreams

We travel this road
We walk hand and hand with the ones that we love
The pavement seems smooth
And sometime the push it turns onto shove


One day at a time
You’re biting off more than what you can chew
With the care of our friends
Each day you can sense how hope is renewed


One Step at a time
Thru good days and bad, oh you’ll make it thru
Your seeing things clear
Your positive thoughts, they all can come true


Hopes promise won’t fade
As tough as it seems you are what you dream


  1. Dan, congrats on the clear scan! I know how great it is to pass that first year mark and switch from 3-month follow-ups to 6-month follow-ups! We hope to catch you in concert somewhere this summer.

    Love, Maria

  2. Ilove the marquee photo! I'm glad you had a clear pet scan. What great news!

    So, you can eat soft pumpkin, sweet potato, coconut custard, lemon meringue, or chocolate cream? Those are yummy. (I feel a stop at a diner in my near future.)

    I just read about Zeus. I'm very sorry. He did have a long, happy, doggie life. Good luck in selecting a new dog.

    I was just practicing some minor key scales and arpegios, (that I learned at your farm workshop two years ago.) Keep up your great endeavors - musical, and all others too!

    Cindy Maund

  3. P. S.
    I love the lyrics to your song. I can't wait to hear them set to music!


  4. see you soon at Weedsport gazebo, Dan!
    love & hugs, Glenda

  5. Cindy and Mike FreebernAugust 9, 2010 at 5:02 AM

    Peggy and Dan --
    We didn't get a chance to speak with you yesterday at Schroon Lake. What a wonderful day of music! Thanks for all that you do for us in sharing your talents. We're glad to hear that things are going well for both of you, and we pray for continued healing and strength.

  6. Hi Dan,

    I love the lyrics to your song. My name is Amy and I am a music therapist working at an outpatient cancer center in Wisconsin. I Have an opportunity to present/lead a support group on Tuesday - Aug. 17th and was thinking about sharing your song lyrics with our patients - was wondering if you have a MP3 of the music that goes with it available for purchase or anywhere online that the song is available for me to play for them? Thanks! Support group is this Tuesday - Aug 17th. My email is if you're able to contact me that would be wonderful! Thank you!!! Great lyrics as well!!!

  7. It is good to be under continued surveillance so that you know exactly at what point you are not doing well...or rather have a clear picture all the time.

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